From creating greeting cards in high school to designing critical structures in Iraq, my journey as an artist and designer has been filled with diverse projects. Whether it's crafting websites, wall art, or costumes, my career has been a constant pursuit of creative challenges.
A defining moment in my professional path was receiving a prestigious scholarship from the National Endowment for the Arts, enabling me to study in Europe. I have since served as an art director for a retail gift company, overseeing the creation of framed gifts and managing product testing and sales. Additionally, I successfully operated a fine art print and design company, specializing in top-quality prints and designs for corporate offices worldwide. Collaborating with exceptional artists, I've collaborated in creating awe-inspiring wall art that captivates audiences daily. Furthermore, my skills extended to creating costumes that have been showcased to tens of thousands of people globally.
Throughout my career, I have developed a comprehensive set of soft and hard skills that are integral to delivering successful projects. I excel in collaborative ideation, meticulous attention to detail, effective communication to navigate trade-offs between stakeholders and creators, and adapting to new tools and environments. Mastery of tools has been a consistent strength, allowing me to bridge the gap between people, software, and tools, facilitating smooth project workflows. Thriving under pressure has been proven through my ability to thrive in both corporate and combat environments.
Looking ahead, I am dedicated to further developing my skills and embracing new and exciting challenges. I am eager to continue learning from others and absorbing their insights, fostering ongoing growth and innovation in my artistic pursuits.
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